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After St. Patrick's Church was enlarged in 1845 an acre of land was acquired for the cemetery and nearby school. The gravestones are scattered through the old part of the cemetery and the oldest dates from 1847. A new part to the cemetery was opened in 1993 by Bishop Patrick Walsh.

This is 1 mile south-east of Portaferry on the north side of the inland road from Portaferry to Ballyquintin. It contains the ruins of a mediaval church. The oldest stone dates from 1759 but there are many illegible ones. It is not used to-day.

This is on the southern slope of a hill projecting as a peninsula into Strangford Lough. It is approached through gates and along a track skirting an inlet known as the Dorn. On top of the hill stands the old castle of the Savage family. The present church building probably dates from the late thirteenth century, soon after the Savage family arrived. The gravestones are widely scattered throughout with few burials this century.

This is 2 miles south of Kircubbin in the townland of Lisbane. Mass was celebrated on the site of the present Church during penal times. Inside the Church there is a tablet on the inner side of the west wall which reads "This house was erected A.D. 1777, Daniel O'Doran P.P." The cemetery has most of the graves in front of the Church and the oldest stone dates to 1808.