Mass Attendance Preference Update

Updated: 26/10/2020


When St. Patrick’s re-opened for public Mass in July, the requests for places filled the Church to capacity on paper. However, there are a number of vacant seats available on the Shore St gallery and some on the main gallery. You are welcome to avail of these seats and to come and share in the celebration of the Eucharist on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

If you are new returning to Mass, please provide your name and contact details in a box labelled Contact Details. This box will be removed to safe keeping after every Mass. Those parishioners who have already returned to public Mass in St. Patrick’s need to do nothing other than attend as they have been doing.

There is also plenty of room at weekday Masses and I understand some parishioners may feel more confident and comfortable coming to weekday Masses due to fewer people being present.

Bear in mind, for the time being, parishioners are not obliged to attend Sunday Mass. If you wish to attend Mass, weekday Mass and weekend Masses are equal in the sight of God.

Please wear a mask

Please take a moment to view our video on how we are adhering to social distancing...